79 Athletes For Germany

The Bureau of the German Olympic Sportbunds (DOSB), Germany's top agency overseeing Olympic sports, on Thursday nominated in Frankfurt first 79 athletes of the German Olympic team for Beijing Games. Among the athletes nominated are recent-crowned world hammer throw champion Betty Heidler, Athens Olympic champion Yvonne Boenisch (judo) and table tennis star Timo Boll. Germany plans to nominate three rounds of athletes.

In the first round on Thursday, athletes nominated are from track and field, sailing, judo, fencing, triathlon, badminton, boxing, weightlifting, canoeing, track cycling and table tennis. According to DOSB, a total of approximately 450 German athletes are to travel to China, there are about 300 people from the functional team, including trainers, doctors and carers.

The other two rounds will be nominated on June 23 and July 15, 2008. Speaking to an nomination ceremony in Frankfurt, DOSB president Thomas Bach congratulated the first members of Team Germany. "I am pleased for all those who have managed. The launch at the Olympics is a high point in every sporting career," Bach said. "We want a good result and focus on the level of the sixth place in Athens stabilize or even a position to again move forward. We want the success but also won with clean resources, "said DOSB Vice-President Eberhard Gienger.

For the second round in June, athletes to be nominated are from canoe/racing, modern pentathlon, mountain biking, wrestling, rowing, shooting, archery, swimming, water diving, tennis, gymnastics and other athletes for nomination. The doctors and physiotherapists of the teams are also named then. On July 15, athletes to be nominated are from football, hockey, handball, volleyball (beach and indoor), water polo, road and BMX cycling and weight lifters and other athletes on the program.

The German men's basketball will still have the Olympic qualifying tournament contest until July 20. The nomination process will end till July 23. On July 26, the German Olympic team will be officially adopted by German President Horst Kohler in Berlin.
"Altogether we have about 100 tons of crew transport equipment to China. This includes not yet the horses or large equipment such as boats, canoes and bicycles, "said DOSB Vice-President Michael Vesper, who will be chief of the Germen team. Source.


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