The Olympic Torch - Not China's

This was the statement made by San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom during a Newsweek interview recently. In that same interview, he also mentions that he feels more people will be joining the celebration of the Olympics torch passing in the streets of San Francisco than joining protest action in his "protest-happy" city.

Newsom says this event provides a great opportunity for America to stay true to its foundations of democracy and free speech. It respects the difference in opinions among people and it equally respect the spirit of the Olympics, the virtues that it stands for and the people will willfully support the 2008 summer games.

Newsom also dismissed the resolution against the Olympics torch signed the San Francisco's Board of Supervisors claiming the decision to allow the Olympics torch it's place and time in San Francisco is entirely up to him and further proclaims that as a mayor and a human rights advocate himself, he is not inconsistent with his convictions.

A 2008 Olympics Torch Relay Promotion Video


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