This Blog Is The Highest Rated Olympics Blog On The Net

Yes you are reading an article from the highest rated Olympics blog on the planet! The most updated highly-rated one at least. This blog has reached its goal I set out for it since its birth last August 8, 2007. I did a little background check on my Olympics blog's stats today and I was happy to find out that it is well above its competitors in the 2008 Olympics blog scene. Here's a few stats to brag about:

Alexa rankings: 699,608
-For the unfamiliar, Alexa rankings is a scale of measuring the amount of traffic a website is getting. The closer a blog's Alexa ranking is to number 1 it means it gets more traffic.This blog started with a rank around 1.5 million and after 5 months it got to where it is right now. The closest competitor is at 2.5 million.

Subscribers: 168
-This means a lot more people are bookmarking and adding this blog to their readers or email subscriptions. In a nutshell, it somehow represents loyalty from people who have read this Olympics blog.

Links In: Technorati-125 Yahoo-2,882
-Links in represents how many other websites have linked to my blog. This is a very good indication that this blog is getting more popular as time passes.

SERP ratings: In Top 10 for top Olympics related keywords
- To protect its interests, I cannot divulge these keywords but you can always check yourself. The most significant advantage of having high Search Engine Results Page is that people can find this blog easier when they try to look up Olympics-related keywords. Easy to find means more traffic.

High PR: Pagerank 4 and Predicted Pagerank 5
- This is less important in getting this blog's traffic goals but Pagerank plays a vital role in getting this blog to earn money. Pagerank is a ranking based on Google's algorithm measuring how important a website is on the internet. The common notion is more organic traffic and more inbound links will net a website higher Pagerank.

That's as comprehensive as I can get. Overall, this project has been a working success so far. My future goals for this Olympics blog is to get corporate sponsors hopefully before the Olympics start in August. This blog was actually an idea that just popped out of my head while I was bored to death at my old workplace. A light bulb that lit up while I was almost half asleep. Yet the small idea and a lot of elbow grease has paid dividends so far. I hope this gig will take me to a stage in my life where I wouldn't have to do the daily grind of a 8-5 job. I'll be a happy camper if I can make something out of this stay-at-home gig.

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