China Gold Medal Predictions

China is widely expected to beat the United States and Russia to top the medal standings of the 2008 Olympic Games. Following is a list of events in which China is good enough to win gold medals.

Table tennis - China grabbed three gold medals in table tennis at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, and the number for 2008 is supposed to be four. In the men's competition, China has Wang Liqin, Ma Lin and WangHao. In women's events, China boasts top players like Zhang Yining, Guo Yue and Li Xiaoxia and Wang Nan.

Badminton - China notched up three titles in Athens and the host country is aiming to win four or five in Beijing. In the men's singles, Li Dan and Bao Chunlai are both capable of winning gold. In the women's singles, China can still rely on veteran Zhang Ning and Xie Xingfang. The women squad is backed by the 2007 world championships sensation Zhu Ling. In the women's doubles, Chinese pairs Yang Wei/Zhang Jiewen and Zhang Yawen/Wei Yili are all strong title bidders. Chinese could stand out in the mixed doubles with the men's doubles considered the best chance for non-Chinese.

Diving - A "dream team" of Chinese divers collected six golds in Athens and they are poised to win more in Beijing. China has been ruling the Olympic diving for 20 years by winning as many gold medals. China's Guo Jingjing and Wu Minxia are going to lead through the 3-meter springboard in both individual and synchronized. Qin Kai and He Chong are capable of securing the men's 3-meter springboard, and Qin Kai/Wang Feng are in a good position to lead the synchronized. Lin Yue and Zhou Luxin lead off the men's 10-meter platform and Lin Yue/Huo Liang set on men's synchronized. Chen Ruolin and Wang Xin take care of both individual and synchronized in the women's 10-meter platform. China garnered nine gold medals at the Melbourne world championships in 2007.

Gymnastics - Chinese gymnastics is expected to take a sky-rocket journey next year, targeting at six golds against one gold won in Athens. China had led the gold medal tally in last two world championships. It was five golds, two silvers and one bronze for this year's championships in Stuttgart and a stunning eight golds last year in Aarhus, Denmark. No other countries fit into the new codes of "no limit for difficulties" better than China. The men's team title was a third time in a row for China. China's Yang Wei was the first gymnast to successfully defend the all-around world title in 81 years. China's "Queen of Vault" Cheng Fei and Xiao Qin, "King of Pommel Horse", both dominated their favorite apparatus for three consecutive worlds. The rings, parallel bars and women's floor are also in China's favor. Besides, China possesses top contestants in the men's vault, women's team and beam. Source.

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Anonymous said...

China SUCKS USA rules. USA will win the medals. Get a life china.

Anonymous said...

51 gold medals baby. you mad? Thats what happens when you have nation of spoiled brats and emos. Go play more playstation. Thanks newb.

Anonymous said...

51 gold vs 36 gold. You mad bro?

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess you are just too ignorant. Get a life yourself!

Anonymous said...

haha, look how the results turned out. USA got schooled!

Anonymous said...

As an American, I'm appalled and embarrassed by the above response from a fellow countryman.

All one can hope is that all the athletes perform to their greatest potential, that the officiating is fair and that the best women and men win.

A country's identity and stature is determined by more than athletic events. Right now I think the USA needs to do some soul-searching to determine who we are going to be as a nation in the 21st century. What is our foundation? What are we building towards? Those are the challenges we must meet head on and we must excel in our response.

I will be cheering for team USA as enthusiastically as anyone, but realistically the tests the athletes face in competition pale dramatically to the tests we are facing as a country.

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