Cool Traffic Sources For An Olympics Blog

There's probably a few 2008 Olympics blog out there that are trying to get a piece of the action for next years 2008 Olympics games. A very important part of the whole gig is getting traffic for your Olympics blog. So I'm sharing a few sites that gave this blog considerable traffic since its existence. Come check out and sign up for these websites and directories that I've signed up for already. They can get you some considerable exposure for your blog.

1. - I've signed up for this directory a long time ago and for some reason I've gotten at least 100 hits since. Not a lot but it sure helps.

2. - It looks like a few people use this site much like a search engine and people land on my blog as a result.

3. - Same thing as Topblogging. People doing searches end up viewing my blog through

4. Digg - If you submit good articles to Digg chances are you'll get some good relevant traffic.

5. Blogacatalog - as much as I hate to admit it. BC did bring me considerable traffic. More than any other till now even if I had my account deleted a few days ago. The important thing for anybody to get something out of BC is to actively participate in the discussion board.

As you may see on one of my side bars, Google is by far the best source of traffic. The key to getting more hits through Google is nailing good keywords. The secret to that, is a closely guarded secret to pros and webmasters need to pay for good quality SEO. The five sites that I mentioned is the best source of this blogs traffic without paying a single cent for SEO. I hope this helps.

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