We Do Not Support Any Boycott Of The Olympics

Why some people around the world choose to boycott the Olympics for human rights violations in all parts of the world is something I could not really comprehend. It may be because my mind tries to think subjectively by keeping the Olympics sports separate from any political goings-on around the world. Which is the only fair thing to do in my mind. I have been hunting forums and discussions online defending the Olympics, sports and the athletes from the people who choose to use the Olympics as leverage in convincing China to act or intervene on behalf of a foreign country... virtually blackmailing China.
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Let me clarify that I do feel that the violence in Myanmar is horrible to say the least. This statement I make as a human and as a person who lives in a democratic country. I do feel the citizens of the world have the right to have their say and feel about the killings in Myanmar but it should end there. Foreign intervention by any country does not make any peaceful and lasting results for anybody. I hope people look at Iraq and how the U.S. intervened to change the political regime over there. Many years after they took military control over Iraq, they have not been able to end the violence and the American soldiers who were supposedly peace-keepers are also victims of violence many many times. Forcing any country to intervene for Burma I'm afraid will also end with the same fate. Let me also establish that I'm not condemning the actions of the U.S. government on Iraq. I'm merely pointing out that the world should look at the wisdom of non-intervention because intervention only perpetuates more violence.
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My second point is I firmly believe that the Burmese people alone should be the one to determine their destiny. No lasting peace will reign in a country if people do not have an absolute consensus that they want to make change for peace or even democracy if they so choose. Much like all citizens of any other country would want to determine the fate of their country on their own, we should let the Burmese people determine theirs whether they choose to do it with violence or through peaceful means. Because it is the only way to have lasting peace in any country. Fighting for freedom is the true essence of democracy. I believe a lot of people would agree when I say that a country's leader or it's government is a true reflection of it's people whether the people gave this leader/government a mandate or if it's people chose to let that leader/government stay in power.
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As for sports and the Olympics, it is in no way related to any politics or any inhuman situation going on in Burma therefore it is unfair for the organization, for the sports and for the athletes to be used as leverage to force China or any other country to intervene. Not only it is unfair, it is only going to make China not want change it's views on human rights. Promoting the boycott of the 2008 Olympics is just foolish and very counter-productive. That is the reason this boycott campaign has gotten lackluster support online and offline.

Click here to see my attempt to convince other people that Boycotting is unwise.

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