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The following swimmers have joined the elite few in becoming part of the 2007 USA National Swim Team. Each swimmer have recorded one of the top six times nationally this year in Olympic events swum in finals from World Championships, Pan Ams, World University Games and Nationals. Time trials and relays events not counted. These are the names to watch out for the U.S. in the 2008 Beijing Olympics swimming competition. These swimmers will rivals the chinese swimming team for the Olympic gold next year. Each will be eligible to receive opportunities and join programs granted for the top 6 finishers of each event.
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50 meter freestyle: Ben Wildman-Tobriner, Cullen Jones, Nick Brunelli, Donald Scott Goodrich, Gabe Woodward, Gary Hall, Garrett Weber- Gale
100 meter freestyle: Jason Lezak, David Walters, Nick Brunelli, Neil Walker, Garrett Weber, Jayme Cramer
200 meter freestyle: Michael Phelps, Peter Vanderkaay, Adam Ritter, Jayme Cramer, David Walters, Ricky Berens
400 meter freestyle: Peter Vanderkaay, Larsen Jensen, Michael Phelps, Erik Vendt, Michael Klueh, Matthew Patton
1500 freestyle: Larsen Jensen, Erik Vendt, Chad LaTourette, Chip Peterson, Michael Klueh, Kyle Young
100 meter backstroke: Aaron Peirsol, Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte, Randall Bal, David Cromwell, Ben Hesen
200 meter backstroke: Ryan Lochte, Michael Phelps, Aaron Peirsol, Chris Dejong, David Cromwell, Nick Thoman
100 meter Breaststoke: Brendan Hansen, Mark Gangloff, Scott Usher, Eric Shanteau, Jon Roberts, Ryan Lochte
200 meter breaststroke: Brendan Hansen, Eric Shanteau, Ryan Hurley, Paul Zaich, Scott Spann, Nate Cass
100 meter butterfly: Michael Phelps, Ian Crocker, Ben Wildman-Tobriner, Davis Tarwater, Ricky Berens, Jayme Cramer
200 meter butterfly: Michael Phelps, Davis Tarwater, Eddie Erazo, Gil Stovall, Dan Madwed, Alex Vanderkaay
200 meter individual medley: Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte, Eric Shanteau, Robert Margalis, Nate Cass, Doug Van Wie

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50 meter freestyle: Dara Torres, Kara Lynn Joyce, Natalie Coughlin, Lara Jackson, Lacey Nymeyer, Brooke Bishop
100 meter freestyle: Natalie Coughlin, Dara Torres, Amanda Weir, Dana Vollmer, Lacey Nymeyer, Andrea Hupman
200 meter freestyle: Katie Hoff, Dana Vollmer, Kate Ziegler, Kate Dwelley, Mary Descenza, Lacey Nymeyer
400 meter freestyle: Kate Ziegler, Katie Hoff, Alyssa Anderson, Ashley Chandler, Caroline Burckle, Jessica Rodriquez
800 meter freestyle: Kate Ziegler, Katie Hoff, Caroline Burckle, Kelsey Ditto, Leah Gingrich, Emily Brunemann
100 meter backstroke: Natalie Coughlin, Hayley McGregory, Leila Vaziri, Jenny Connolly, Mary Descenza, Kristen Shickora
200 meter backstroke: Margaret Hoelzer, Katie Hoff, Teresa Crippen, Julia Smit, Mary Descenza, Kelly Harrigan
100 meter breaststroke: Tara Kirk, Rebecca Soni, Megan Jendrick, Jessica Hardy, Keri Hehn, Michelle McKeehan
200 meter breaststroke: Rebecca Soni, Caitlin Leverenz, Megan Jendrick, Tara Kirk, Elle Weberg, Keri Hehn
100 meter butterfly: Natalie Coughlin, Rachel Komisarz, Dana Vollmer, Christine Magnuson, Samantha Woodward, Kim Vandenberg
200 meter butterfly: Kim Vandenberg, Kathleen Hersey, Mary Descenza, Dana Vollmer, Katie Carroll, Courtney Kalisz
200 meter individual medley: Katie Hoff, Kaitlin Sandeno, Caitlin Leverenz, Julia Smit, Whitney Myers, Emily Kukors
400 meter individual medley: Katie Hoff, Caitlin Leverenz, Kaitlin Sandeno, Ariana Kukors, Kathleen Hersey, Julia Smit

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