An Olympic Test for Chicago
A lot of very important eyes will be watching Chicago on Monday as it hosts the 2007 AIBA world championships. Gunning for the 2016 Olympics hosting privilege, Chicago tries to pull off a neat and organized boxing tourney in the hopes of IOC head honchos will see it has the capability of hosting and organizing a bigger event such as the Olympics. One tough competition has proven itself already. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil has demonstrated that it can host big events by pulling of the 2007 Pan American Games last summer.

Recent events like the disaster in the Chicago marathon and the admission of doping by Marion Jones have somewhat cast clouds of doubt over the chances of Chicago for 2016 but the USOC is still positive about the U.S. bid. The USOC prides itself with the preparations it has undertaken for the 2007 AIBA boxing championships from the Athletes accommodation to traffic re-routing to ensure a smooth flowing event.

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