What? another Official Website for the 2008 Beijing Olympics?

Wow... This kinda ridiculous. It's another Official website of the Beijing 2008 Olympics. This time by the Xinhua agency the state-run news agency of China. What's this website then, http://en.beijing2008.cn/ ? It also claims to be the Official website for the 2008 Olympics too & quite frankly it does look better than Xinhua's version. The latter is more visually pleasing if one asks me. The 2 have noticeable similarities too but I think Xinhua's Official website has more updated content & more user-friendly but http://en.beijing2008.cn/ has a pagerank of 7.0 giving it a better chance of being found on top of the search engine index compared to Xinhua's Official website's Pagerank of 0. If Xinhua's version is truly the Official they may request to ban or exclude the other from the search engines' SERP's.

You be the judge:
Xinhua's version
The other Official website
Here's some related news about the Official website for the Olympics 2008:

Official website of 2008 Olympic Host News Agency launched - Xinhua News Agency, the host news agency of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, launched the official website for the Games (www.beijing2008.news.cn) on Wednesday. Xinhua, the largest news and information collecting and distribution organization in China, was appointed last October by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) the Host News Agency of the 2008 Olympics and entrusted to set up the National Olympic Photographic Pool (NOPP). In line with the agreement, the Host News Agency is obliged to give a comprehensive news and photographic coverage of the Beijing Olympics for other Chinese media organizations, and the NOPP obliged to give a comprehensive photographic coverage of the Olympics, in particular of the host nation's athletes. The NOPP should make available to the IOC and BOCOG, free of charge, every day during the Olympic Games, a full edited sets each to the IOC and BOCOG representing the best pictures of the NOPP production.

Beijing 2008 Olympics Web site launched - The official Web site for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games was launched Wednesday by Xinhua, the games' host news agency. China's state-run news service said the Web site will make available continuous information about the international sports event through an all-media approach. The site's news service will offer updated information on www.chinaview.cn/08olympics in English, French and Chinese.
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