Stuggart Olympics qualifiers - Canadian Gymnasts going to Beijing 2008 Olympics

The Canadians made it. They have just earned themselves a trip to the Beijing 2008 Olympics. Team Canada made it at number 11th out of the circle of 12 garnering a total score of 357.700 in Stuttgart,Germany. With Kyle Shewfelt unable to participate & sidelined on a wheel chair, the Canadians mustered enough guts & points to finish within the top 12.

The top 3 Gymnastics Teams that finished in Stuttgart,Germany where the China gymnastics team with 374.275. Second place was the Japan gymnastics team with 370.275 & third was the Germany gymnastics team with 364.350.

Edmonton's Brandon O'Neill, Halifax's David Kikuchi said Kyle was the backbone of their team & they were doing it for him & to get to the Beijing 2008 Olympics. But with two broken tibia's, Kyle Shewfelt will be out for several months & hopefully be competitive by game time august 2008.

Here's the source of the news: The Canadian Press

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