Olympics Basketball News - Team USA clinch Olympics berth

The hunt for Olympics Gold continues for Team USA Basketball. In an increasing competitive world of basketball, a sport which the Americans themselves invented, Team USA finds itself sending their best to fight the world's best. Gone are the days where they were sitting on their laurels, knowing they are the most dominant team in world basketball & Basketball Olympic Gold might as well be handed to them. The Dream Team days are over. These days everybody is almost at the same level as they are. Proof to that statement is the influx of foreign born players recruited to participate in the NBA in the past few years. Players like Dirk Nowitzki, Yao Ming, Pau Gasol & Tim Duncan have made their mark in the most competitive Professional Basketball league in the world.

The ticket to Beijing has now been earned but the hunt for Olympic Gold is definitely still on. The first step to Beijing has finally been secured. The United States earned a spot in the 2008 Olympics by crushing Puerto Rico 135-91 last Saturday. Though there's still a final game against Argentina to settle. The U.S. Basketball team is going to the Beijing 2008 Olympics because the top 2 teams earn the Olympics berth.

U.S. Basketball Team Roster:
Carmelo Anthony
Shane Battier
Gilbert Arenas
Carlos Boozer
Chauncey Billups
Chris Bosh
Bruce Bowen
Elton Brand
Kobe Bryant
Tyson Chandler
Nick Collison
Kevin Durant
Kirk Hinrich
Dwight Howard
LeBron James
Antawn Jamison
Joe Johnson

Here's some of the latest news about the team:
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