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Trying to avoid blogging about boycotting the Olympics next year because of lack of merit, I find myself compelled to defend the Olympic games against other people who don't have anything better to blog about. As I have mentioned over a month ago, promoting the boycott does not do anybody any good in this world especially for the athletes who have trained long and hard and only get the chance to be the best in the world every 4 years. No amount of controversy can stop the Olympics from happening! So why blog about it?... I don't know... To "ride" on the controversy I guess... which is a common tactic to get more people to read their blogs of course.

Another question that came to mind while I was reading a blog about boycotting the Olympics today is.... Why does every Tom, Dick and Harry suggest or promote boycotting the Olympics when they see, hear or read anything about human rights violations? Recently, this guy's blog tackled the violent dispersal of protesters in the streets of Myanmar and insinuated a boycott of the Olympics if China does not withdraw support from Myanmar. I couldn't help but get pissed. What does this event or anything similar happening around the world have to do with the Olympics Sports event? Is it fair for the athletes if people promote boycott against the Olympics? The answer is a big fat NO! Does tarnishing the Olympics with politics do any anything good? No. Would a boycott of the Olympics change China anytime soon? Definitely not!

Some people may ask me if I'm turning a blind eye on the more important issues around the world. But my answer is very simple... No, I'm just unbiased and I refused to tarnish the Olympics with anybody or any country or any advocacy group's politics. Pure and Simple.
I love China for it's history, culture and the Olympics of course. I'd love to visit China one day! I'm not exactly in favor of how their leaders run their country but there's a lot more to China than their politics! It's just sad that some people only see what they wish to see.
Here's some of the news I was reading that compelled me to write about this: ( See if any of these make sense. I certainly don't see any... )
EU should boycott Beijing Olympics over Myanmar
Will the world boycott Beijing Olympics 2008?
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