Beijing Cleans Up For The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

The Clean up in Beijing China has been kicking up in high gear with less than one year to go before the 2008 Olympic Games start. Everything from security measures, to new commute routes, to lowering crimes rates & also building new commute routes to relieve traffic congestion.

Here's some news tidbits in & around Beijing China:

Bad habits anger Beijing residents What disgusting habits turn your stomach when you walk the streets of the capital?Beijing residents say spitting is what they hate most about living in the city, among the multitude of anti-social behavior to be witnessed on a daily basis.Following close behind spitting are dog owners who fail to clear up their pets excrement.

Beijing implements old city protection regulations Regulations on Protecting Historical and Cultural Sites in Beijing began to take effect on May 1st. The Regulations cover the overall protection of old city, the protection of historical and cultural blocks, the protection of cultural relics preservation units and the protection of buildings of preservation value.

5000 'Electronic Eyes' safeguard Beijing The Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau says that over 5000 "electronic eye" inspecting devices have been studded all over the city to strengthen security.Currently, more than 440,000 people in Beijing are employed to help keep the city safe.

Beijing-Tianjin commuter rail to start construction The 115-kilometer-long track is expected to be finished at the end of 2007 and to go into service in July 2008. At 200 km per hour, the trip from Beijing to Tianjin will take approximately 40 minutes only, some 30 minutes less than the current time, a source with the ministry acknowledged.

Kite maker hopes to soar at Beijing Games Famous kite maker Li Jingyang plans to donate his 3,000-meter-long kite composed of 2,008 swallows to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Li calls the kite Olympic swallow.

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