Beijing 2008 Olympics - What to expect when you get there?

I was browsing one of the blog community websites I participating in & noticed an interesting thread that was something about what 5 countries you'd want to visit for a vacation. I peeked in the conversation & found that there's a lot of people wanting to visit China in their lifetime. I thought to myself... Hmm... Given the reputation of China being culturally & politically different from most developing countries, I was surprised to find out that people didn't want to visit China for the Beijing 2008 Olympics. It's because of the culture & history. But what do they really know about China? Have they researched enough to conclude what they can expect from China?

For you readers in the same situation, here are some website guides for almost everything about China, with or without the Olympics.

Chinese Embassy in the U.S.
Gateway To China
China Travel
Geography, Culture & Many more
Wikipedia - China

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