Beijing 2008 Olympics - The biggest terrorist target for 2008

For some of the world's worst terrorist groups, Beijing China in 2008 might as well have a bullseye sign on it. If some people might remember correctly, investigations reveal that terrorist cells often prepare years ahead of the actual event. They can operate with such independence that cells do not even communicate with any known high-profile terrorist groups.

Why is Beijing such a juicy target for terrorists? Primarily because China is an outsider in terms of global anti-terrorism campaigns. Without any formal military or intelligence sharing with major countries fighting terrorism like the U.S. or the U.K., China may seem like a sitting duck against disaster. For years now, the terrorist have kept silent with no major events since the World Trade Center attack. They may have been preparing for the biggest opportunity yet.

Chinese security officials admit they are very aware & that this is their biggest concern. To address this, they have teamed-up with the Interpol & the Australian police to get prepared for eventualities. Personally, they should be be more wary of outside threats instead of home-grown. They should be watchful of people who have entered their country within 1-2 years before the Opening of the Beijing 2008 Olympics. This is a time window for terrorists to acclimate, study & prepare for their targets just like they have done in the past.

Here's some more related news:

Beijing Olympics 'face terrorism threat'- China's top cop said terrorism is the biggest threat at its Olympic Games, and a leading terror expert warned Tuesday that Beijing faces a long-term threat from an Islamic separatist group in its far west. In remarks appearing on the sixth anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on the United States, Public Security Minister Zhou Yongkang said China would seek closer cooperation with other nations in dealing with the threat. Although the general security situation for the Beijing Olympics remains stable, we still face the challenges of terrorism, separatism and extremism, Zhou was quoted by the state-run China Daily newspaper as saying.

Terrorism seen as biggest threat to Beijing Olympics - Terrorism is the biggest threat to next year's Beijing Olympics, a state newspaper cited top Chinese security officials as saying on Tuesday, a concern echoed by the head of Interpol. The report did not say which groups might target the Games, but China is home to several restive minorities such as the Muslim Uighurs in the far western region of Xinjiang who have been blamed by Beijing for bomb attacks in recent years.
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