China tells Bloggers: Use Real Names

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Not known too mPeople's Daily online,,, Most recently, Yahoo has complied as well.

There are 30 million bloggers in China alone & 130 million internet users. Next only to the U.S in terms of number of internet users, China is second only to Americans, China is has a big potential of Money-making people. The huge number of number of untapped viewers have made Blogging about China & the Olympics have made it a very lucrative business & for the activist bloggers have made the event a good leverage to promote there own cause.

I must admit, I got into blogging about the Olympics after realizing this fact. If I can just get into a Chinese social blogging community. Hmm... I think that I will do tomorrow.

There's one hitch about this deal i can't seem to figure out though... How can the Chinese government determine or make sure that people are using their real names when registering for a blog?

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